8 Video Hosting Sites You Need to Know

Video is the most trending medium to be working with if you’re a web creator right now. YouTube announced that it registers over one billion hours of videos watched per day, which is totally bonkers. While Google’s online video giant is the absolute largest, it’s hardly the sole place to put up your videos. As a creator, you must know all the options you’ve got before you settle on one just because of its popularity. Who knows, there might be a more niche option out there that’s better fitted to your content and your audience.

Below, we’re about to break down eight different video hosting sites, a number of which need no introduction and a few you might have not heard of:

  1. Wix Video
  2. iPlayerHD
  3. YouTube
  4. Vimeo
  5. Wistia
  6. Video Cloud by Brightcove
  7. SproutVideo
  8. DailyMotion

01. Wix Video

It’s not just that we’re partial, Wix Video really is one amongst the simplest ways to get your videos online and make money from them! one of the best things about Wix Video is that it doesn’t remain a totally exclusive affair. you can opt to upload your own videos directly or to embed them from YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook, allowing you to further the reach of your existing digital content. When it comes to YouTube, you’ll easily prefer to sync your channel to Wix Video so your new videos will automatically appear on your website when it’s published. When it involves making money on your videos, there aren’t any hoops you have jump through. Set your price for a video and choose whether you’d wish to make it available for rent, purchase, or as a part of a subscription. you can be rest assured that 100% of the cash goes to your pocket, as there aren’t any commission fees whatsoever.


  • Free to use and commission-free sales
  • Mobile and desktop live streaming available
  • Website focused
  • Completely mobile optimized plans: Wix Video offers a basic (free) package and 4 kinds of premium packages. All packages allow you to sell your videos and offer monthly subscriptions. the main difference between each type is that the amount of video hours available. Unlike other platforms, Wix Video takes into consideration the length of the video instead of the size.02. iPlayerHD

If you’re trying to find another great video player and video host in one for your Wix website, we recommend you take a look at iPlayerHD. this can be an excellent video solution that won’t require you to feature any code to your website as you’ll with some of the other hosts on this list. best of all, there are both free and paid versions, so you’ll be able to try a majority of the features before paying a dime! Also, since iPlayerHD is built for the Wix platform, you’ll be able to customize the look of the player to your heart’s content to match your website and style.

With the free version of iPlayerHD, you’ll get features just like the ability to password protect videos, share videos on social networks, add subtitles or closed captioning to your videos, customize thumbnails, and more. It’s also important to note that as a standalone video player and host, all of your videos are going to be played completely free of ads, even with the free version.

Upgrading to the premium version of iPlayerHD will bring a lot of advantages to you and your videos. It enables video analytics, the flexibility to make video playlists, collect visitor emails, and create looping videos. this is additionally to increased video views and bandwidth (up to 1 Terabyte!)


  • Great for someone who wants an all in one video player and host for their Wix website.
  • Many of the features can still be accessed with the free plan.

Plans: iPlayerHD offers just one paid plan, which you’ll be able to purchase either monthly or years. At only $9.99 a month or 109.92 for a whole year, there’s a payment option that works for everybody.

03. YouTube

Let’s get the hottest popular host out of the way. YouTube isn’t the largest online video platform for no reason. Sure, being owned by the world’s preferred search engine certainly helps its popularity. But the actual fact of the matter is that YouTube is precisely what some people are looking for, or at very least, is sweet enough for what a creator needs. With YouTube, you just have higher exposure potential, no doubt. That said, you’re also uploading to a platform that has over 300 hours of video uploaded per minute, so to mention your video could be a needle in a very digital haystack would be a huge understatement. Nonetheless, choosing YouTube as a video host comes with quite a few benefits, like statistics to track the success of your videos, a commercial platform to start out making money on your content, and a very robust music library to feature to your videos. Of course, there’s a lot more than YouTube offers, but what takes the cake is that it’s free to upload content, which isn’t the case everywhere you go. Overall, YouTube remains one amongst the highest video hosting platforms because, well, it’s quite good. Just don’t be surprised if a video of an eight-year-old blowing a snot rocket outperforms your video by the millions.


  • The largest video audience
  • Great for SEO and discovery
  • Free to upload

Plans: There aren’t any premium plans for creators. The newly-rebranded YouTube Premium, formerly YouTube Red, benefits only the viewer.

04. Vimeo

Get ready to snub your nose at the term “YouTuber” – Vimeo bills itself on catering to a more creative and professional audience. Out of all of the other options, you’ll find on this list, Vimeo is the most just like YouTube, as it’s also a social network of sorts. The similarities are uncanny, but the audiences and content vary drastically. Out of the gate, to experience actual benefits of Vimeo as a video host, you’ll have to upgrade to at least one of its premium plans that unlock more storage and features. Once you take a glance at the features offered on the paid plans, you actually do get a sense that it’s a professional video hosting service for creators, justifying the more prestigious allure it gives off. It just ‘feels’ more serious than what you’re getting with YouTube. While you do need to pay up to reap the advantages of the platform, there’s a free version with limited functionality that you simply can sign up to check out. setting up a Vimeo account may be a quick and easy way to see if it’s the correct platform for you.


  • Seen as “more prestigious” than YouTube
  • A community of professionals
  • Some of the most flexible paid plan options around

Plans: Premium Vimeo plans range from $7-$75 a month, with the higher price points corresponding with a greater weekly upload limit and larger overall total account storage.

05. Wistia

Wistia is also a lesser-known option than some of the others on this list, but it offers some great features that can help tip the scale for you. With attention to data, customization, and integration with third-party services, this video host could be a jack of all trades that aim to fit your business needs in every way. the company is quick to show how its service is best for your website’s SEO than a number of its competitors, like Vimeo, as long as the traffic will be directed to your website itself and not only your video host site. Another stand-out feature Wistia boasts about are its analytics tools that are very impressive, and could be worth the service alone. another, ‘nice touch’ features include a highly customizable player so your videos match your website and brand.


  • Highly customizable video player
  • Exceptional video analytics

Plans: Wistia has two plans additionally to its free account: Wistia Pro, which is able to run you $99 per month and therefore the Wistia Advanced plan, which requires you to contact their sales team to receive a price. Overall, Wistia is powerful and versatile but a bit expensive, and you’ll need to see how much is simply too much for your videos.

06. Video Cloud by Brightcove

While you might have not heard of Brightcove, it’s a well-seasoned video hosting platform that has been around since the early 2000s. If it’s online video related, Brightcove likely features a product for it. The platform offers solutions for publishers and broadcasters, marketers, and enterprises, so expect a suite of features that will be fitting. For the typical video creator, Brightcove could also be considered overkill as its primary audience is marketers and other large businesses. Its specific video hosting platform, Video Cloud, is both a hosting and a publishing solution, offering everything and then some for the customers at a price that’s about as intimidating as its feature set. This includes customizable video players, monetization and advertising services, data-driven insights (analytics) – the works. Expect all of the features you’d find from its competitors, with a high focus on advanced analytics and video management. Other services within Brightcove’s paid plans are gallery and social media tools, looking at the plan you select.


  • Unrivaled number of features for scaled businesses and marketers
  • Large ecosystem and third-party integration capabilities

Plans: With plans starting at $199/ month and only going higher from there, Brightcove is hardly for a beginner video creator, but has massive appeal to the scaled businesses that require its services.

07. SproutVideo

This video service doesn’t necessarily do anything that its competitors don’t, but SproutVideo is an option worth looking into. The informative platform lays out all of the details you’d expect to check, with security, analytics, and SEO at the forefront. SproutVideo knows it’s a decent service, and it’s very happy to let you know what it’s service is capable of plenty. 8K video support? Check. Engagement tracking? Check. The IP address and geo-restriction? Check and check. Everything the service needs to offer is laid out in a simple to understand format right on its website. Don’t dismiss SproutVideo’s no-frills approach. It’s appealing and offers what most general video creators need, putting it in a very excellent position without having to overmarket itself.


  • Free tria
  • iPowerful video marketing tools
  • Great security and video monitoring features

Plans: Paid plans incorporate the Sprout plan for $59/month, the Tree plan for $199/month, and therefore the Forest plan for $499/month. In layman’s terms, they have plans that range to “that’s not bad” to “is it hot in here?”

08. DailyMotion

DailyMotion might not have much in the way of “mindshare,” but it’s nonetheless an excellent option that might be easily overlooked. Its content focus is split into four primary topics for news, sports, music, and entertainment, but you’ll also find several outlier topics within the mix, like comedy, fashion, gaming live streams and more. It walks a line of being a social platform like YouTube but carries a more ‘newsy’ vibe thereto. Like YouTube, DailyMotion offers a partner program for its creators to monetize their videos through advertising. Becoming a partner also includes media management, analytics, and distribution. While this is often nothing unique compared to the other platforms on this list, if DailyMotion’s air of professionalism and newslike vibe are to your liking, you may want to think about them as your video host.


  • Variety of content subject, seemingly more curated than YouTube
  • Newslike feel to the platform

Plans: DailyMotion offers a partner program to monetize video content and more.

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