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About Recipe App

The recipe app is not like every other food inspiration and recipe guide that you come across. Our client who is a Chef was so passionate about food that he wanted to create an app just as beautiful and inspiring as a specially curated plate of meal.

The Recipe App was designed to not only let users discover new recipes but also select from various categories, and filters for a more personalized experience. Users could add ingredients of their choice and the app will come up with a recipe for those specific ingredients.


To create solutions around any idea, our team always starts with a detailed requirement gathering of the project. To lay down the scope of the idea in terms of features and functionalities gives the client as well as the design team an upper hand at creating a unique product.

Wireframes are designed not only to feed the design team, but it’s a back and forth mechanism that helps the overall efficiency of the design.


Variety of Options

Out of the many features the app had, one of the most simplistic yet sophisticated ones was the variety of options users could choose from. To learn quick & easy recipes, users could select from different categories available on the app.Whether it was a breakfast recipe or simply a dessert or soup. We designed various icons to go with the theme so that users can quickly get the information they are looking for.

Details of the Dishes

Any recipe app will have details of the dish. But what was different about this was the user interface was extremely friendly and easy to use. With a different section for ingredients, instructions and comments, the screens were designed to be minimal and not overwhelm the users.

Different Views

Any good recipe book will always have beautiful images of the food. Similarly to deliver a unique experience to the users, we integrated thousands of food & culinary images to help the dishes stand out and give an idea of what the dishes will look like after the recipes are cooked.

Intelligent Search

The niche factor for the app was the search feature we added. Users could add various ingredients of their choice, filter the cooking duration, select categories as well as difficulty level of the recipe. The app is designed to do an intelligent search based on the users inputs and come up with a unique combination.


We also added a profile section for the users where they can save their favourite recipes or subscribe to newsletters. One of the key features was that users could even submit their recipes that they uniquely came up with.